If our area lost all power and communications, would our church still function? If it did, would we still go? For Ukrainian churches, the answer is Yes.

Mission Network News reports how Christians are managing to gather and worship despite the latest Russian attacks on Ukraine’s power grids. The Slavic Gospel Association is providing light and hope to Ukrainian churches in the form of generators and solar-powered energy sets. “All of these different systems allow for a modest amount of lighting so that people can gather together and read their bibles,” says Eric Mock SGA Vice President of Ministry Operations.

“We live in a time in which you can actually have light using your cell phones”, he says. People are using their phones to diffuse light throughout the room, which they can then use to gather, read and pray.

In our prayers we remember our fellow Christians in Ukraine and other countries where lives are being wrecked through invasion and war. Within this Diocese in Europe, we particularly remember the clergy and congregation at Christ Church, Kiev, and pray for their well being, strengthened faith and courage to face the future.

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