According to demographic projections by the Spanish Statistical Office, the population of Málaga province will grow by almost 14% over the next 7 years, compared with 7.4% for the whole of Spain.

 Málaga province, from the current population of 1.77 million, will rise to 2.02 million by 2031, while, for Spain as a whole, the population is projected to rise from 48.6 to 52.2 million over the same time period. By 2031, this province’s population will surpass Seville’s population of 2.01 million.

 However the Spanish-born resident population in the province is projected to grow by only 1.2% in those 7 years, from the current 1.362 million to 1.378 million. So the bulk of population growth will be foreigners, with the INE forecasting that the province’s foreign-born resident population will grow by 56% in Málaga from around 410,000 at present to almost 640,500 in 2031.

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