The Comedor Santo Domingo is a non-profit association that provides comprehensive care to the needs and problems of people in a situation of social exclusion and marginalization.

Their goal is to offer a welcome of affection and respect for every person who comes to the Association requesting something as necessary as food, to intervene to motivate change in people who need help and to raise awareness about the problem it presents. They are particularly concerned with women who have children under their care.

To this end, the Comedor employs professional kitchen and dining room staff, administrative, labour counsellors, psychologists, social workers and especially the daily cooperation of many volunteers and partners. They conduct a series of activities such as scholarships rehabilitation, a social room, workshop employment, psychosocial support to those admitted or financial support to families and others.

Saint George’s Chaplaincy provides 400 litres of milk for childrens’ breakfast every month for the Comedor, mainly from individual donations supported by Chaplaincy funds if there is a shortfall. 

Contact Comedor Santo Domingo

Calle Pulidero, 9 29007 Málaga Tel: 952 277 027 Tel: 952 286 201

If you would like to help us support this vital enterprise, please contact the organiser:

Jennifer Vernon-Smith tel: 952 200 204