Over the past 10 years the use of cash has slowly diminished, to a point where, today, twice the value and volume of payments are made by card/contactless methods than with cash. This has clearly had an impact on the way people donate to their church, making the traditional collection plate somewhat outdated.

And today St George’s has caught up. We have installed a contactless card reader near to the church’s entrance, to be available to visitors and regular members of the congregation alike. For a church like St George’s that has a lot of visitors, this is an ideal way for people to donate who do not have regular giving set up.

Contactless giving enables people to give in church in the same way they would in everyday life – using their card. It is not obligatory and we will continue to use the plate for those who wish to give in cash.

We give thanks for everyone who gives to support the work of St George’s and we ask that this new device will be a blessing to us all.

The picture shows the Chaplain, Father Louis, blessing the card reader during the holy eucharist this morning.